Tuesday, October 26, 2010

...the Dallas Cowboys

I think it is funny if you watch any sports on television, especially over the last two days, most of the talk seems to be centered on the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys, who were many analysts pick to play in the Super Bowl, which is in their home stadium, fell again on Monday night to the New York Giants by a score of 41-35. The latest loss dropped their record to one win and five losses.

I chuckle when I hear analysts say that the Cowboys are going to win "because they have to win." Doesn't every team have to win every game. I'm sure every team is trying to win every game. But I'm not sure why anyone "has to win."

Now, I'm guessing that the intent of the comment was that the Cowboys, whose theoretical backs were against the wall, had to win to have any chance at salvaging their season. I'm assuming that there is an expectation that the Cowboys, or any team in this particular situation, would come out and play with more intensity, fire, passion or whatever word fits - some would say intelligence and discipline.

But what have the Dallas Cowboys displayed that would make anyone think that all of the sudden, because their season is on the line, they can change their mindset and play harder.

NFL players play 16 regular season games a year. If any player doesn't play with the aforementioned passion, desire and intensity, their team should replace them. Immediately.

There are a lot of cliches out there. Play each play like its your last is the one that comes to mind. Because of national media exposure, I think I have seen parts of every Cowboys game this season. And from what I see, most of their players DON'T play each play like it could be their last. But they should. They only have 10 more games in what is probably a lost season.

I don't know if there is any worse feeling in sports than playing a season out knowing that there is no hope of making the postseason. And while the Cowboys still are not mathematically eliminated, they are 1-5 for a reason. Because they aren't playing very good.

If I were a Cowboys fan, that would be the most disappointing. It is not as if they don't have a talented team. Many people picked them to win the Super Bowl because of their talent. But that talent isn't translating on the field.

Great teams are made up of great individuals that PLAY TOGETHER. The Cowboys seem to play as individuals.

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