Thursday, October 28, 2010

...Jillian Michaels and The Biggest Loser

When we are not watching sports, one of our - my wife and I - favorite television shows is NBC's The Biggest Loser, which is on Tuesday nights.

The reality show's purpose is to pull obese people from across the United States and change their lives by teaching them to change their lifestyles by eating right and exercising. But the bigger change, whether most contestants know it or not when they sign up, is the mental change.

One of the trainers is Jillian Michaels. A small firecracker, she puts the contestants through their workouts. Sometimes she is nice about it. But most of the time she is not. And while it may seem like she is being mean or hateful, the reality is that most of the contestants have reached the point in their lives because they weren't mentally tough. They felt sorry for themselves, were depressed or suffered tragedies. And most turned to food for comfort.

I don't want to come across as I don't have any compassion for depressed people or those who have been touched by tragedy. I am simply saying that as a fact for the contestants.

In the latest episode, because of the game, Jillian made sure to take extra time with one of her team members, Elizabeth. Elizabeth has had her share of struggles.

In that moment, Jillian said something to Elizabeth that was extremely philosophical. When talking about her progress and Elizabeth's outlook to the future Jillian told her that she could either "survive or thrive."


And while it may sound good on the surface, if you think about those three words, it is a mindset that can change your life.

No matter which part or your life you are talking about - athletics, work, school, home - we all have a decision that we make. Nobody else makes it for us. We can either do what we can to barely get by or we can try to do whatever we can to make an outstanding life.

Maybe you just want to make the team. Why not be a starter? Or better yet, the star?

I just want to make Cs and Ds. Why not try for all As? If you fall short, you will still get Bs.

I want to pay my bills. Go back to school and get a specific skill you enjoy to better you situation.

No matter what our situation is - in any situation we encounter - we have two options. You can survive. Or you can thrive.

I hope you will choose to rise above everyone else. Stand out. THRIVE.

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