Saturday, October 16, 2010

...the top of the 8th Inning of Game One of the ALCS

In the top of the eight inning of game one of the American League Championship Series (ALCS), New York Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner singled, shortstop Derek Jeter doubled allowing Gardner to scored. At that point, the Texas Rangers were winning by a score of 5-2.

If you watched the game, it was really evident that the Yankees were going to make a come back and the Rangers were in trouble.

Body language can say a lot about your confidence.

Many times in life, you get what you expect. In baseball, it is no different.

The body language of the defending World Series champion Yankees said that they were expecting to come back, expecting to win and were not going to simply roll over and die and start to think about game two. The confidence of the Rangers was gone. A 5-0 lead in the game was slowly evaporating.

Once Rangers' manager Ron Washington decided to pull starting pitcher C.J. Wilson, who left with the Rangers still leading 5-2 with no outs in the top of the eight inning, you could tell - at least on television - that the Rangers were also expecting the Yankees to rally. It was almost as if they knew their lead was in trouble.

And it wasn't just the relief pitchers, though they looked like they wanted no part of being on the mound. Ron Washington, in camera shots from the dugout and as he was walking to the mound to make pitching changes, seemed as he was just hoping to be able to withstand the storm. The Rangers infielders, on those same pitching changes, looked as if they were expecting their lead to disappear.

The Yankees, who were losing 5-1 at the start of the eight inning, ended up scoring five runs in the top part of the eight inning to give them a 6-5 lead, which was also the final score. The Rangers were never able to recover.

Expect bad things to happen and they usually will. Expect good things and good things will come.

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