Tuesday, November 23, 2010

...Vince Young

After another meltdown, and injury, Vince Young was put on injured reserve, ending his 2010 season. But it seems like, at least as far as Titans' coach Jeff Fisher is concerned, Young was going to spend this coming Sunday on the bench regardless.

Vince Young at one time was a hot prospect out of the University of Texas. Fresh off of leading Texas to the National Championship over USC, the Tennessee Titans drafted Young to be their franchise quarterback. Many questioned how his skill set would transfer to the NFL.

Sunday, Vince Young was booed at home and then proceeded to wave his arms as if he was telling the crowd "bring it on." It seemed as though on the same play, Young was hurt and Fisher had had enough.

On his way to the locker room, Young threw his jersey and shoulder pads into the stands (though Young claims he was giving the jersey to a fan).

After the game, Young apparently said that he was upset that people are critical of him and his play.

Vince Young has been an NFL quarterback for five years. Players that reach that level were tremendous in high school and college. They have constantly heard how good they were, were hardly ever criticized and faced little adversity.

When you reach the NFL, and you are paid a lot of money to do so, you are expected to perform. You are expected to play well. There aren't a lot of people who are going to feel sorry for you because the fans didn't appreciate his play. 

True character shines through when a person faces adversity. When things aren't going your way, how do you react? Do you get nervous? Do you run away? Or do you stare your problems in the face and fix them before they get bigger?

Most problems do not simply go away without resolution. In fact, many will snowball and grow larger the longer they are around. And if they involve another person, that relationship will many times sour deeper - sometimes beyond repair.

Learn a lesson from Vince. When you face a problem, address it immediately. Doing so will stop it before it grows out of control.


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