Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fielding a Baseball on the Forehand

The opposite of a backhand is a forehand. Rather than reaching across your body with your glove, you will reach out in the same direction as your glove. 

As always, whenever possible, you want to try to position yourself so you are fielding a ground ball in the middle of your body. But if you cannot get to that position, it is alright to reach out to the glove side of your body and try to field the ball. 

Stand as if you are facing home plate. If you are right handed, turn to your left, take a step with your left foot, bend your knees and extend your glove. This is the farthest you can reach and, when necessary, how you should field a ball on your forehand. 

If you are left handed, we are going to spin everything around. Face home plate and turn to your right. Take a step with your right foot, bend your knees and extend your glove as far as you can. 

When you resort to attempting a forehand, you will not be able to get your body in front of the ball. If you are able to field a ball on your forehand and keep it in front of you, you can probably take another step and field the ball in the middle of your body.

If you try and field the ball with a forehand and miss it, it will get behind you. Do not give up on the ball and assume your outfielder will retrieve it. You may have gotten a glove on the ball, and it may be closer to you than the outfielder.

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