Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Good Leaoff Hitter

If your coach puts you at the top of the batting order, you can help your team succeed by being a good leadoff hitter. Though leadoff hitters are typically fast, patience and confidence are better characteristics.

I’ll never tell a player not to swing at the first pitch of an at bat if it is his pitch. But if you lead off, or even hit in the first inning, your team can benefit from you doing so.

By letting a good pitch go, you get to bat longer. Batting longer makes the pitcher throw more pitches. The more pitches he throws, chances are he will throw a variety of pitches. Seeing a variety of pitches allows you to share the information with your teammates. If you teammates have an idea of what to expect at the plate in their at bat, it increases their chances of success, leading to success for the team.

Sacrificing a good pitch for the sake of the team takes confidence. If you let your pitch go by without swinging, chances are you will not see it again in the same at bat. However, just because you may not see your pitch, doesn’t mean you will not see a good pitch. And if you are unable to get on base, seeing a lot of pitches can prove to be valuable for your teammates.

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