Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Keeping the Ball on the Infield

A runner for your opponent is on second base and you are playing one of the infield positions. If the ball is hit in your direction, you have to try to do whatever you can to knock the ball down and keep it on the infield.

When a runner reaches second base, he is considered to be in scoring position because there is a good chance he can score on any base hit that reaches the outfield. The throw from the outfield to the catcher is a long throw, and most coaches will send the runner home. 

Even if you do not think you can field the ball cleanly – in front of you, with a backhand or with a forehand – dive and try to knock the ball down. 

By getting a glove on the ball and knocking it down, there is a good chance it will stay close to you. By this time, the runner is only to third base. If the third base coach sees that you have knocked the ball down, he will more than likely hold the runner up.

If the runner stops at third base, you have helped your team by preventing the runner from scoring.

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