Monday, January 31, 2011

Proper Conditioning

At many warm climate high schools and on most college campuses, baseball practice has already started. At northern high schools, the start of practices is still a couple of weeks away. Most programs start their workouts with the thing players hate most - conditioning. 

There are generally two ways of thinking - the old school and new school. The old school way asks players to run for long distances and typically stays out of the weight room. The newer thinking is to lift year-round and stick to a quicker, more explosive conditioning program.

So which way is best?

I was fortunate to earn my bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, so I am familiar with the different muscles in the body and what each does. I know that strength training, sprint work and plyometrics directly led to my success.

Let me ask you to think about this. A baseball game is made up of quick, repetitive exercises. Every pitch, swing and defensive play is explosive. If each play is explosive, doesn't it make sense to train explosive?

I understand that it is hard to change a way of thinking. But if you were on the fence or weren't sure, it's something to think about.

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