Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tell Your Teammates What You See

Being a good teammate is one of my core principles in the game of baseball. A great time to be a good teammate is early in the game after you have seen the opponent’s pitcher.

If you are not familiar with something, in this case, the other team’s pitcher, you are more likely to struggle. Success is more likely when you become familiar with or at least have an idea of what to expect.

If you hit in the top part of the lineup, after your first at bat, you should talk to your teammates if you made an out or in between innings if you were successful. Talk to them about what pitches you were thrown, any movement the pitches have and any other important information that could increase their chances of success.

If you were only thrown one or two different pitches or swung early in the count, ask your teammates about their at bats. They can help you prepare for your next at bat against the same pitcher. 

When you can prepare for the unknown, you increase your chances of success. If the players have an idea of what to expect, that helps them out and helps out your team.

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