Friday, February 25, 2011

Get Your Feet Underneath of You

There is one simple mechanical issue you can make sure of to hit for more power. Be certain your front foot is planted on the ground before starting your swing. It may not sound like much, but you generate much of your power from your hips. 

Almost every hitter takes a small step towards the pitcher before starting the swing. You want to be certain your front foot is down before starting the rest of your swing. 

To maximize that power, your front foot has to be on the ground before your start to rotate your hips. You need to have two bases to rotate. 

Do me a favor and get out of your chair and stand up. 

Stand on one leg and try to rotate 90 degrees quickly. What happened? You probably didn’t go very fast, feel very powerful and you almost (or maybe did) lose your balance. Now stand on both legs and try the same thing. You felt quicker, more powerful and stayed in control. 

Try it two more times, but take a step laterally – to the side, not forward or backward. 

On the first try, rotate your hips before your foot hits the ground. You probably didn’t lose your balance because your foot landed and caught you. But I’m guessing you didn’t feel quick or powerful.

Take the same step, but this time, wait for your foot to hit the ground before rotating. You felt powerful, didn’t you? 

Your body had two bases to rotate on and you were able to generate more power because of that.
It is one of the easiest mechanical flaws to fix. And it is one that can lead to a big improvement.

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