Thursday, February 10, 2011

the Green Bay Packers

I know this is a few days late, but congratulations to the Green Bay Packers for their victory in Super Bowl XLV, a hard fought win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There is a simple lesson that can be learned from the Pack - believe in yourself, even if nobody else does, regardless of the adversity.

Though the Packers were several analysts' preseason Super Bowl pick, the team faced a variety of injuries to key players during the season. Starting running back Ryan Grant was lost in the first game. Later in the season, defensive captain and middle linebacker Nick Barnett was injured and put on injured reserve (meaning a player can't come back for the rest of the season), as were starting tight end Jermichael Finley, outside linebacker Brady Poppinga and offensive tackle Mark Tauscher.

In all, 15 Packers finished the year on injured reserve.

To make matters worse, 2009 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Charles Woodson injured his collarbone in the second quarter of Super Bowl XLV and didn't return.

In order to even make it into the playoffs, the Packers needed to win their last two regular season games. They did.

After getting in as the sixth seed (only six from each conference make the playoffs), they faced the reality of having to win three games on the road even to make it to the Super Bowl. They did. And did so by beating the three best teams in the NFC - the Philadelphia Eagles, the Atlanta Falcons and the Chicago Bears.

Injuries alone gave the Packers a built in excuse to not succeed if they wanted to take it. But they didn't. They just fought a little harder. If not the injuries, they could have said that playing on the road was the reason they didn't make it. They didn't.

The desire to win is willing to overcome anything. We just saw that with the Green Bay Packers.

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