Saturday, February 26, 2011

In a Rundown? Run Into Someone.

It’s known by several names – rundown and pickle are the most common – and it usually doesn’t turn out well for the runner. 

A rundown occurs when a base runner is caught between two bases. The fielders end up chasing the runner – running him down – and throwing the ball back and forth until he is tagged out. 

I don’t know the percentage, but the chances of you successfully making out of a rundown are slim. But you should be aware of the easiest way to advance – interference. 

If you are caught in a rundown, you should be trying to accomplish two things – staying alive as long as possible and finding someone to run into.

The longer you stay in a rundown, more people get involved and the better chance someone screws up. If you are the runner, your goal is to find any fielder that you could possibly make contact with. If the fielder is ruled by the umpire to be in the base path, interference should be called and all runners advance. 

Now, you can’t go out of your way to bump into someone. You have to stay within the baseline. If you go out of the base line, you will most likely be called out, but then again, you are most likely going to be out if you stay in the pickle. 

It isn’t cheating or dirty. It is taking advantage of a team executing a sloppy run down. And it is the easiest way to get out safely.

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  1. Interference is on the runner. OBSTRUCTION is on the fielder. Know what you're talking about before you go off spewing this crap.