Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rafael Furcal

In anther story that is flying under the radar when it shouldn't, apparently when Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal re-signed with the team before the 2009, the Dodgers included a unique perk.

The Dodgers included a clause that would provide Furcal's hometown of Loma de Cabrera in the Dominican Republic with a fire truck.

In a Yahoo! Sports interview, Furcal says "A lot of poor people get killed in my hometown because they don’t have a fire truck. We’re doing something for this little town.”

After an L.A. truck was recently retired, the still-serviceable truck was donated and repainted. The Dodgers will pay to have it transported to Loma de Cabrera as well as have firemen travel there to train the local volunteers.

In a sports world where there are contract arguments over private jets, luxury boxes and massage therapists, it is nice to see both the Dodgers and Rafael Furcal agree to something honorable. 

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