Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shannon Sharpe

In staying with the recent Hall of Fame selection theme, Shannon Sharpe redefined the tight end position into what we know it today. Shannon was the first of the new-age tight ends that seem to be too quick to be guarded by a linebacker, but too big to be guarded by defensive backs.

Shannon Sharpe's career spanned 14 season, all but two with the Denver Broncos. When he retired in 2003, he held several records for tight ends, including receptions (815) and yards (10,060), which have since been broken by Tony Gonzalez.

To reach the highest level as Shannon Sharpe did or any professional does in their respective career, you have to be motivated.

Shannon Sharpe said in this interview that he was motivated by two things - cold oatmeal and getting wet when it rained.

Shannon said that when he was growing up, he lived with his Grandmother, who worked at a nursing home. They weren't wealthy and, many times, dinner consisted of cold oatmeal. The home he grew up in had an old tin roof and when it rained, the water leaked inside.

Sometimes, you don't have to be motivated to be the best. I would argue that, although the drive to succeed is powerful, trying to escape real life situations can be more moving. And when you factor in the drive to not only help yourself escape, but the love ones who make sacrifices for you, that may be all you need.

Shannon Sharpe was motivated to become a professional football player so he could to move his family to a home with a stable roof over their head and warm food on the table.

What motivates you?

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