Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stay Within Yourself

A piece of advice that is beneficial in all athletics as well as life, stay within yourself means know your limits and capabilities. Maybe your coach has asked you to “not do too much,” which means the same thing. 

You have a certain set of tools that you can work with. Not every player can be the best hitter or pitcher or fielder on the team. But you can contribute to every win by doing what you do best. 

Maybe you can’t hit the ball the farthest or throw a good curveball. But you are quick. You are a good base runner and cover a lot of ground in the outfield. Know your individual strengths and use them to help your team. 

Trying to do too much with your given abilities can work against your team. Trying to strike every batter out will lead to a lot of walks. Trying to hit a home run on every pitch will lead to a bunch of strikeouts. Trying to make a tag, catch or throw before you have the ball will lead to errors. 

Work on your abilities. If you want to throw harder or hit farther or field better or become faster, you can. It will take practice, but it is possible. But in the meantime, understand what you can do and focus on them. Stay within yourself and your abilities.

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